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Used Item
Helen of Troy Sparta Nude Naked Female Figure Alabaster Statue Sculpture 9
Used Item
David Sculpture Alabaster Carrara Italy 9.25 Inch Black Marble Base
Used Item
Carved Alabaster Artist Signed Houdon Sculptures / Brongniart Children France
Used Item
Artemis Diana Alabaster Sculpture Statue Bust Ancient Greek Goddess of Hunt
Used Item
19th Century Italian Alabaster Sculpture of A Boy Jumping A Post By Grossi
Used Item
Sculpture Italian 23 Young Lovers Alabaster on Wooden Base
Used Item
Native American Indian Alabaster Stone Carved Sculpture
Used Item
Vintage Creamy White Alabaster Horse Head Sculpture By A.giannelli Italy
Used Item
Greek Column Corinthian Style Pillar Architecture Decor Alabaster Sculpture 8
Used Item
Hercules Nemean Lion Nude Male Alabaster Statue Sculpture New Mythology 9.8
Used Item
Vintage Bronze Sculpture with Alabaster Ashtray Don Quixote
Used Item
Antique Italian Craved Alabaster Sculpture Signed Enrico Castellucci
Used Item
19th Century Antique Alabaster Sculpture of A Young Painter
Used Item
Alabaster Signed Mike Toledo Bear Sculpture with Chip To One Ear Intnl Sale
Used Item
Greek Roman Bull Head Minotaur Satyr Statue Nude Male Alabaster Sculpture Figure
Used Item
Vintage Alabaster Sculpture's 2 African Elephant Bookends Figurines
Used Item
Adolfo Cipriani 1857 1930 19th C. Alabaster Sculpture Victorian Woman
Used Item
Vintage 1989 Kathy Whitman Elk Woman Alabaster Sculpture B. 1952 Az
Used Item
Winged Nike Victory of Samothrace Goddess Alabaster Statue Sculpture 14.17
Used Item
Bull Head Minotaur Demon Eating A Maiden Greek Alabaster Statue Sculpture 9.45
Used Item
Goddess of Wealth Tyche Lady Luck Fortuna Statue Alabaster Sculpture 5
Used Item
Art Nouveua Alabaster Sculpture By E. Battaglia C. 1910 Golden Dreams
Used Item
Parthenon Temple of Greek Goddess Athena Alabaster Statue Sculpture 2.17
Bid: $44.00
Buy: $62.00
Used Item
No bids
A. Giannelli Alabaster Horse Sculpture Marble Base Mid Century Italy Exquisite
Used Item
Winged Nike Victory of Samothrace Greek Goddess Alabaster Statue Sculpture 7.8
Used Item
Alabaster Pop Art Sculpture From Italy Raymor Sottsass Era Red Blue Mid Century
Used Item
Otis Cambridge Alabaster Sculpture Native American Eagle Rabbit Rock Etchings
Used Item
Greek Roman Goddess Athena Minerva Alabaster Statue Figure Sculpture 9.65
Used Item
the Rape of Polyxena Greek Hero Achilles Nude Alabaster Statue Sculpture 7.87''